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Graze Menu

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 Roasted Olives

house marinated medley of olives. warm garlic loaf. $9.95

 Garlic “Cheezy” Bread

wild fired garlic & herb cheese bread strips. rustic red sauce. $6.95

add pepperoni for $2.

 Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

warm ripped pizza bread. fresh veggies. $9.95

Firred Up! Pretzel Sticks

soft Bavarian pretzel sticks toasted in our wood fired oven, served with beer cheese and SC Gold mustard sauce. $10.95

Hyena Balls

kobe beef. lamb. veal. rustic red sauce. parm cheese. warm ripped pizza bread. $11.50

Hiney’s Pimento Cheese

homemade with smoked bacon & jalapeño. warm ripped pizza bread. $8.95


fresh basil. garlic. heirloom grape tomatoes. EVOO. balsamic vinegar. baguette toast. $8.95

add prosciutto for $3.

 Redneck Caviar

black beans. green pepper. local silver queen corn. fresh tomatoes. green onion. cilantro. fresh corn chips. $8.50

Wild Fired Wings

10 wings charred in our wood fired oven. served with ranch or bleu cheese, celery and carrots. $14.95

Flavors: Nekkid. Buffalo (medium or hot). African Berbere (Burr-bear) rub. Swahili Hot Piri Piri. Hot Hyena Honey. Sneaky Reaper BBQ.

Going Green

Entree salads served with warm pizza dough halo bread.

 Arugula Salad

granny smith apples. roasted pecans. dried cranberry. lemon vinaigrette. $13.50

Baby Spinach Salad

grape tomatoes. bleu cheese. bacon. red onion. balsamic vinaigrette. $11.95

Mixed Field Greens

spicy sopressata. artichoke hearts. bacon. roasted red pepper. red onion. kalamata olives. grape tomato. avocado ranch. $13.95

 Fun Caesar Salad

hearts of romaine. shaved parmesan. house-made caesar dressing. FUNYUNS®. $12.95

 Hiney Side Salad

mixed greens. tomato. celery. red onion. $3.95

Hyena Dressings: Avocado Ranch. Bleu Cheese. Lemon Vinaigrette. Balsamic Vinaigrette. Honey Dijon. Ranch.


All Sammies served with potato salad, Redneck Caviar or FUNYUNS®. Substitute Hiney Side Salad for $1.95.

Ham & Cheezy

smoked ham. provolone. lettuce. sliced tomato. red onion. SC gold sauce. $11.95

Chicky Sammie

shredded chicken. honey dijon. jalapeño. monterey jack. red onion. sliced tomato. fresh arugula. $11.95

Bada Bing

pepperoni. smoked ham. capicola. sopressada. provolone. lettuce. tomato. onion. Italian dressing. roasted red pepper. $13.95

 Big Shroom

fire roasted marinated portobello mushrooms. sliced tomato. caramelized onion. goat cheese. roasted red pepper. arugula. $10.95

Hyena Balls Sub

smokin’ hot Hyena Balls. rustic red sauce. provolone. $12.95

Jive Turkey

house smoked turkey breast. applewood smoked bacon. provolone. lettuce. sliced tomato. herb mayo. $12.95

Wild Fired Pizza

All of our pizzas are 10″ Neapolitan style with 6 slices. Our Hyena pizza dough is handmade with the finest 00 Italian flour, semolina, agave nectar, pink Himalayan sea salt, avocado oil and lots of LOVE!

You may substitute gluten free / ‘dirty Keto’ friendly cauliflower crust for $3.50 or vegan mozzarella for $2.

 Ms. Cheezious

fresh mozz. monterey jack. cheddar. rustic red sauce. $9.95

Peppy Longstocking (If you say it fast it’s funny)

loads of our signature “cupping” pepperoni. rustic red sauce. fresh mozz. $11.95

When You Can’t Decide

pepperoni. italian sausage. wild mushrooms. fresh mozz. rustic red sauce. $14.95

 Margherita Hyena

fresh mozz. heirloom grape tomatoes. rustic red sauce. fresh basil. $13.95

S’nailed It!!

escargot. garlic sauce. fresh parsley. fresh mozz. shaved parm. $16.95

Funny As Shiitake

shiitake mushrooms. italian sausage. red onion. fresh mozz. rustic red sauce. arugula. EVOO. $14.95

Belly Laugh

seared pork belly. fresh mozz. caramelized onion. pineapple. rustic red sauce. $15.95

Clucked Up

shredded BBQ chicken. red onion. monterey jack. KC BBQ sauce. fresh cilantro. $14.95

Smoke Ring

smoked ham. pineapple. apple smoked bacon. provolone. rustic red sauce. $15.95

Goudawill Hunting

smoked gouda. wild game sausage. wild mushrooms. caramelized onion. rustic red sauce. $15.95

Ur Bacon My Balls

applewood smoked bacon. Hyena Balls. red onion. wild mushrooms. fresh mozz. rustic red sauce. $15.95

 Kale Yeah!

kale pesto. fresh mozz. red onion. artichoke hearts. kalamata olives. grape tomatoes. $14.95

 Ricotta Be Kidding Me

garlic sauce. ricotta. spinach. fresh mozz. portobello. cracked black pepper. $13.95

 Pinch My Greek

feta cheese. kalamata olives. pepperoncini peppers. garlic. grape tomatoes. herbed olive oil.  fresh dill weed. tzatziki sauce. $14.95

add gyro meat for $3.

 Sour Puss

garlic sauce. dill pickles. fresh mozz. fresh dill weed. $12.95

add applewood smoked bacon for $3.

Hot Chick

buffalo chicken. bleu cheese sauce. celery. red onion. monterey jack. $14.95

MAC Is Whack!

you know what we’re talking about! beer cheese. chopped Hyena Balls. caramelized onions. smoked bacon. cheddar. Hiney’s special sauce. lettuce. tomatoes. pickles. no sesame seed bun. $16.95

 A Real Brie Slapper

brie cheese. caramelized onion. black pepper. slivered almond. granny smith apples. Hot Hyena Honey. $14.95

Old MacDonald (EIEIO)

chicken. bacon. goat cheese. spinach. caramelized onion. fresh mozz. rustic red sauce. $16.95


gyro Lamb. wild Mushrooms. Arugula. Onion. tzatziki sauce. $14.95

Prosciutto Your Eye Out Kid

prosciutto. wild mushrooms. arugula. fresh mozz. rustic red sauce. EVOO. $15.95

 Grapeful Dead (Vegan)

blistered grape tomatoes. hummus. artichoke hearts. red onion. vegan mozzarella. $14.95


 Denotes a vegetarian item.


Download and print the menu by clicking here »