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Graze Menu

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 Roasted Olives

house marinated medley of olives. warm ripped bread. $9

 Garlic “Cheezy” Bread

fresh baked herbed and garlic cheese bread sticks. rustic red sauce. $6

 Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

warm ripped pizza bread. fresh veggies. $8.50

Wild Fired Wings

10 wings served with ranch or bleu cheese, celery and carrots. $14

Flavors: Nekkid. Buffalo medium or hot. African Berbere (Burr-bear) rub. Swahili Hot Piri Piri. Hot Hyena Honey. Sneaky Reaper BBQ.

Hyena Balls

kobe beef. lamb. veal. rustic red sauce. parm cheese. warm ripped pizza bread. $10.50

Hiney’s Pimento Cheese

bacon. jalapeño. warm ripped pizza bread. $8


fresh basil. garlic. tomatoes. EVOO. balsamic vinegar. toasted baguette. $7

 Redneck Caviar

black beans. green pepper. local silver queen corn. fresh tomatoes. green onion. cilantro. fresh corn chips. $8

Going Green

Entree salads served with warm pizza dough halo bread.

 Arugula Salad

granny smith apples. roasted pecans. dried cranberry. lemon vinaigrette. $11

 Baby Spinach

grape tomatoes. bleu cheese. bacon. red onion. balsamic vinaigrette. $11

Mixed Field Greens

spicy sopressata. artichoke hearts. bacon. roasted red pepper. red onion. kalamata olives. grape tomato. avocado ranch. $12

 Fun Caesar Salad

hearts of romaine. shaved parmesan. house-made caesar dressing. FUNYUNS®. $11

 Hiney Side Salad

mixed greens. tomato. celery. red onion. $3.50

Hyena Dressings: Avocado Ranch. Bleu Cheese. Lemon Vinaigrette. Balsamic Vinaigrette. Honey Dijon. Ranch.


All Sammies served on rustic French batard and served with side salad, Redneck Caviar salad or FUNYUNS®.

Ham & Cheezy

smoked ham. smoked provolone. arugula. sliced tomato. red onion. herbed mayo. $9.50

Chicky Sammie

shredded chicken. honey dijon. jalapeño. monterey jack. red onion. sliced tomato. fresh arugula. $9.50

 Big Shroom

fire roasted marinated portobello mushrooms. sliced tomato. caramelized onion. goat cheese. roasted red pepper. arugula. $10

Hyena Balls Sub

rustic red sauce. provolone. $10.5

Wild Fired Pizza

All of our pizzas are 10″ Neapolitan style with 6 slices.

Hyena pizza crust made with finest 00 Italian flour, semolina, agave nectar, pink Himalayan sea salt, avocado oil and lots of LOVE!

You may substitute gluten free / ‘dirty Keto’ friendly cauliflower crust for $3.50.

 Ms. Cheezious

fresh mozz. monterey jack. parm. cheddar. rustic red sauce. $8.50

Peppy Longstocking (If you say it fast it’s funny)

pepperoni. rustic red sauce. fresh mozz. $10.50

When You Can’t Decide

pepperoni. italian sausage. wild mushrooms. mozzarella. rustic red sauce. $12.50

 Margherita Hyena

fresh mozz. grape tomato. rustic red sauce. fresh basil. $12

S’nailed It!!

escargot. garlic sauce. fresh parsley. fresh mozz. shaved parm. $14

Funny As Shiitake

shiitake mushrooms. italian sausage. red onion. fresh mozz. rustic red sauce. arugula. $12.50

Belly Laugh

seared pork belly. fresh mozz. caramelized onion. pineapple. rustic red sauce. $14.50

Clucked Up

shredded BBQ chicken. red onion. monterey jack. BBQ sauce. fresh cilantro. $12.50

Smoke Ring

smoked ham. pineapple. apple smoked bacon. provolone. rustic red sauce. $13.5

Goudawill Hunting

smoked gouda. wild boar sausage. wild mushrooms. caramelized onion. rustic red sauce. $14.50

Ur Bacon My Balls

applewood smoked bacon. Hyena Balls. red onion. wild mushrooms. fresh mozz. rustic red sauce. $15

 Kale Yeah!

kale pesto. fresh mozz. red onion. artichoke hearts. kalamata olives. sliced grape tomatoes. $12.50

 Ricotta Be Kidding Me

garlic sauce. ricotta. spinach. fresh mozz. portobello. cracked black pepper. $12.50

 Pinch My Greek

feta cheese. kalamata olives. pepperoncini peppers. garlic. grape tomatoes. herbed olive oil. tzatziki sauce. $12.50

add gyro meat +$3.50

 Sour Puss

garlic sauce. dill pickles. fresh mozz. dill weed. $11

Hot Chick

buffalo chicken. bleu cheese sauce. celery. red onion. monterey jack. $12.50

This Is Guacward

guac sauce. carnitas pork. cilantro. red onion. cotija cheese. fresh lime. $13

 A Real Brie Slapper

brie cheese. caramelized onion. black pepper. slivered almond. granny smith apples. Hot Hyena Honey. $13.50

Old MacDonald (EIEIO)

chicken. bacon. goat cheese. spinach. caramelized onion. fresh mozz. rustic red sauce. $15


gyro Lamb. wild Mushrooms. Arugula. Onion. tzatziki sauce. $13

Play It Again Spam

Charred SPAM®. Hiney’s pimento cheese. caramelized onion. $13.50

Prosciutto Your Eye Out Kid

prosciutto. wild mushrooms. arugula. fresh mozz. rustic red sauce. EVOO. $14


 Denotes a vegetarian item.


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